About & Credits

Hello, I am a huge A Song of Ice & Fire / Game of Thrones fan as well as a massive feminist. You may know me from the Forum of Ice and Fire as Blind Beth the Cat Lady. My most popular post there is Illyrio’s Fingers, an analysis of the gemstones and motives of Illyrio Mopatis.

That post, my far-more-speculative God-King by Any Other Name post, and all of the in-world discussion I do on this blog owe their existence to the excellent writing of Lucifer Means Lightbringer (now known on the forum as LmL) and Durran Durrandon. I’m also constantly inspired by the Radio Westeros podcast.

It’s hard for me to credit anyone more specifically than that because by this point I have significant points of disagreement with all of them, and I’m trying to approach my in-world analysis differently than they are. Radio Westeros tends to take either a character or event-based approach (Danaerys, The Long Night) and they very much stick to what is in the text (although what is in the text is always more than I thought). LmL uses more real-world astronomy and mythology than I’m comfortable with.

But I do stand on the shoulders of giants, and if you like my stuff you’ll like theirs, too.